Personalized education

Every person has his own way of learning. Alo caters the learning experience to the level and pace of each user, and improves over time. Speaking, reading and listening exercises are brought to life with drawings, sounds and animations.



Inclusive design

Alo is designed for adults from the ground up, so that no prior school attendance is needed. Our topics are engaging and relevant in everyday life, ranging from food to politics.


Universally accessible

Alo is downloadable on the phone and can be used widely offline.


Why we do this

Learning to read and write is expensive and inaccessible to most of the 775 million adults who lack minimum literacy skills (UNESCO). Basic literacy is one of the core skills which empowers individuals to engage in formal economic activities, to participate in skill development programs and to move up the economic ladder.

In many regions, traditional education is expensive, inaccessible, and is thought in large groups. We believe education can be is personalized, engaging and affordable.

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Our big question

How do you design for a person who has never been to school, who cannot read and write, and who doesn’t know the language for which he/she is learning the alphabet for?

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Who we are

Paul Anca – Co-Founder

Having helped set up a network of NGOs in Ivory Coast, Paul learned hands-on about the limitations created by illiteracy. He has several years of experience in UX design and entrepreneurship, and has a business background. Previously, he co-founded a social network for the nightlife and blogged at about leading organisations for social change in South-EastAsia.

Susan Crayne – Co-Founder

Susan has 19 years of experience in working with educational software.  At IBM Research, she was a member of the Education Research Department. Her projects include a cross-platform system for web accessibility, an educational platform for math and science learning, and a streaming video app that teaches deaf students to read English.